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All current and former students of Southwestern Christian College (SwCC) are eligible to receive an official transcript of their college work and evidence of their college attendance only if they are not in debt to the college or in default on a federal student loan.

The Office of the Registrar issues transcripts. Requests for official and unofficial transcripts can be made online at . Processing time for official transcripts is three to five business days after receipt by the Registrar. Longer processing times may be necessary to locate older records. To help you meet your deadline, submit all transcript requests at least two weeks before the required deadline.

For more information, contact the Registrar at or Southwestern Christian College, Office of the Registrar, PO Box 10, Terrell, TX 75160.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts of student records are available online at no charge to current students via Populi on the student’s profile page. Former students can order unofficial transcripts online at


SwCC will not release transcripts for any student who has financial obligations to Southwestern Christian College. If you have a hold for:

Balance due, contact the Business Office at (972) 524-3341 ext. 202
Student loans in default, contact Financial Aid Debt Prevention Manager at (972) 524-3341 ext. 204

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts only show the coursework completed at Southwestern Christian College. Official transcripts cost $3 per mailed copy and $2 for emailed copy. SwCC prints all official transcripts on security paper and are self-sealed. If you are hand-delivering your official transcript to another institution, be sure NOT to open the transcript. We also have the capability to email an official copy directly to the institution. Call the institution to verify its policy – some colleges will not accept official transcripts from students or email copies. Southwestern Christian College only uses the U.S. Postal Service to mail official transcripts.

NOTE: If the transcript request is denied for any reason, the transcript fee for processing the request is forfeited.

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