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The Doris Johnson Library, named for the college’s head librarian, is housed in the Hogan-Steward Learning Center, located west of the campus entrance. The library is a 5,000-sq. ft. facility that was constructed in 1974 and was remodeled in 1988 to include an additional 1,800 sq. ft. The renovation provided additional shelving space for an expanding collection.

The collection contains over 26,000 volumes, and subscriptions to over 190 nationally recognized magazines, journals and newspapers. In addition, the collection includes microform, CD-ROMs, audio/visual equipment and materials, reference resources and electronic databases to support and enhance the learning opportunities available at the college. All library holdings are protected by the 3M Anti-Theft security system.

The library is staffed by two experienced professional librarians, who are committed to providing convenient access to all materials for all patrons. Having an open-stack policy is the key to providing patrons with unlimited access to all library materials and resources. Library materials are arranged in the Dewey Decimal system, an alphanumeric cataloging system. Special collections in the Doris Johnson Library include the extensive Bible and Religious Studies holdings, that support the institution’s Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree in that discipline. Since SwCC is a Historical Black College (HBC), a special section called the African American Studies Collection has also been successfully developed.

The SwCC library has a fully automated circulation system as well as an online public access catalog (OPAC), which provides users with a quick and convenient guide to access all holdings in the library collection. 


In order to furnish materials and resources to students and faculty members of SwCC, the Doris Johnson Library provides the following services:

  • Online Library Catalog 

  • Library Orientation Programs 

  • Access to the Internet 

  • SIRS Databases 

  • Encyclopedias on CD_ROM 

  • Videos 

  • Microfiche/Microfilm Reader/Printer 

  • Books on Tape 

  • Online Public Access Terminal

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