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Southwestern Christian College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, to award Associate and Bachelor level degrees.

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Main Inbound Number: (972) 524-3341



E-Mail Building
104 Abouzar, Catherine cabou@swcc.edu; caacaw1@hotmail.com Institutional Research
128 Academic Affairs n/a Timothy Hunt Science
104 Academic Research n/a Institutional Research
161 Admissions Office swccadmissions@yahoo.com Timothy Hunt Science
156 Alumni Office n/a Washington/Sams Fine Arts
175 Armendariz, Chico (home) n/a House behind MC Hall
160 Armendariz, Chico (office) n/a Institutional Research
120 Athletic Director n/a G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
105 Bookstore d4jays@aol.com Smith/Holland Student Center
146 Business Office n/a Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
140 Cathey, Joyce jcath@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
178 Cathey, Vernon vcath@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
122 Christian Echo - Subscriptions swccpres@hotmail.com Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
143 Craig, Linda (Lynne) lcrai@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
131 Davis, Phyllis phyllisholtdavis@sbcglobal.net Timothy Hunt Science
126 Dean, Tonya tdean@swcc.edu Timothy Hunt Science
149 Development Office n/a Washington/Sams Fine Arts
154 Developmental Studies n/a Hogan/Steward Learning Center
132 Dining Hall n/a Thelma Holt Dining Hall
120 Evans, Herb hr_evans@yahoo.com G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
115 Evan, Jr., Jack jevan2@swcc.edu; j2rodeo@yahoo.com Evans Foundational Arts Center
108 Evans, Patricia pevan@swcc.edu Washington/Sams Fine Arts
123 Evans, Sr., Jack jevan1@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
124 Financial Aid n/a Timothy Hunt Science
133 Foster, Ben bfost@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
159 Foster, Vivian vivianlfoster@hotmail.com Smith/Holland Student Center
110 Garrett, Pam pd_garrett@hotmail.com Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
121 Giddings, Stan stangiddings@yahoo.com G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
154 Gilliam, Linda lgill@swcc.edu Hogan/Steward Learning Center
116 Graham, Barry bgrah@swcc.edu Washington/Sams Fine Arts
122 Gray, Tracy swccpres@hotmail.com Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
107 Holmes, Candace dacymac@hotmail.com Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
127 Howie, Douglas dhowi@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
118 Kennedy, Wanda wandakennedy36@yahoo.com Mary Carpenter Hall
109 Library n/a Hogan/Steward Learning Center
160 Maintenance (or 145) n/a Institutional Research
144 Maxwell, James jmaxw@swcc.edu; JamesJOMAX62@aol.com Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
105 McClinton, Jacob d4jays@aol.com Smith/Holland Student Center
200 McClinton, Johnathan globeman5@myexcel.com Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
112 McDuffie, Douglas (dorm) dmcduffie_85@yahoo.com J. S. Winston Hall
207 McDuffie, Douglas (office) dmcduffie_85@yahoo.com Hogan/Steward Learning Center
120 Men's Basketball n/a G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
166 Morrison, Jonathan jmorriso_1@yahoo.com Hogan/Steward Learning Center
122 President's Office swccpres@hotmail.com Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
172 Price, Walter professorprice@swcc.edu Washington/Sams Fine Arts
111 Rice Family (home) n/a Campus Housing
132 Rice, Albert (office) abswcc@hotmail.com Thelma Holt Dining Hall
132 Rice, Linda lrice@swcc.edu; rice.linda58@yahoo.com Thelma Holt Dining Hall
155 Roberts, Warren (Admissions) swccadmissions@yahoo.com Timothy Hunt Science
167 Roberts, Warren (Center for Student Success) anubizness0619@yahoo.com Hogan/Steward Learning Center
199 Robinson, Edward ejr03a@yahoo.com Timothy Hunt Science
159 Robinson, Toni n/a Smith/Holland Student Center
109 Rollie, Trinita troll@swcc.edu, trinitakc@gmail.com Hogan/Steward Learning Center
137 Romero, Vicky vrome@swcc.edu; vickynunn@ymail.com Hogan/Steward Learning Center
135 Royal, Dean droya@swcc.edu Timothy Hunt Science
150 Security (guard shack) n/a Guard Shack
200 Security (office) n/a Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
102 Server Room n/a Timothy Hunt Science
124 Smith, Kim ksmit@swcc.edu Timothy Hunt Science
176 Student Activities n/a Washington/Sams Fine Arts
107 Student Affairs n/a Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
155 Student Retention n/a Timothy Hunt Science
125 Thomas, Sylvia sthom@swc.edu; sylvy2@hotmail.com Timothy Hunt Science
149 Thompson, Madelyn madelyn.j.thompson@gmail.com Evans Foundational Arts Center
134 Title III Office n/a Hogan/Steward Learning Center
120 Track n/a G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
167 Upward Bound n/a Hogan/Steward Learning Center
136 Veazey, Homer fic@nix.netcom.com Hogan/Steward Learning Center
146 Walker, Lois lwalk@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
179 Williams, Anthony awill@swcc.edu Foster/Howie/Maxwell Admin
121 Women's Basketball n/a G. P. Bowser Gymnasium
169     Timothy Hunt Science
Business Office   972-524-0734 Wanda Kennedy, Supervisor ext. 118
Financial Aid       972-563-7133  
Alumni Center     ext. 156 Book Store         ext. 105
Faculty Loung     ext. 157 Counselor           ext. 159
Printing Office     ext. 158 Transportation    ext. 105
Studio WestEnd   ext. 163  
Douglas McDuffie, Supervisor  ext. 112 800-952-9357