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Southwestern Christian College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, to award Associate and Bachelor level degrees.

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About SWCC
SWCC Mission

Southwestern Christian College, founded and sponsored by members of Churches of Christ, is accredited as a four-year (level II), educational college (limited to Bachelor's degree in Bible and Religious Education), with a two-year associate program in the liberal arts. Its purpose is to
  • offer a holistic educational program that will motivate the student to value and achieve academic excellence within the context of commitment to moral and spiritual values;
  • to assist students in making their transitions from high school to higher education on various levels;
  • to assist students in preparation for varied vocations in life;
  • to prepare future leaders for their distinct communities and the world at large.

Accreditation Information

Southwestern Christian College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, to award Associate and Bachelor level degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Southwestern Christian College.

Guiding Philosophy

In the founding and establishing of Southwestern Christian College, those who participated were motivated by a mutual desire to provide for its students' preparation for effective and successful Christian living. Each was keenly sensitive to the urgency of this need. To appreciate its importance, one must fully understand the concepts of "Christian Living".

Man is a social being and, as such, must be prepared to adjust himself to his environment and fellow man. He must be able to participate effectively in those social advances which characterize progress. He must acquire the ability to express effectively his own ideas, work cooperatively with others, and pursue a personally satisfying and socially constructive vocation, free from the fears that crush initiative, frustrate ambition, and undermine self-reliance.

These virtues, however, do not constitute the entirety of the concept of "Christian Living". They attain their true significance in the pattern of human conduct only when founded upon a sincere and conscientious pursuit of the spiritual development of the individual. One must know, understand, and follow the divinely inspired pattern for this growth. Man has a responsibility to God that supersedes all others, and God has stated the terms by which that responsibility is to be met. Since the Bible is God's revelation of the pattern of Spiritual development, daily instruction in His Word is a fundamental aspect of SwCC. To the founders and supporters of Southwestern Christian College, this is the most significant aspect of the whole pattern of human growth and development.

In keeping with this concept of "Christian Living", Southwestern Christian College is dedicated to the purpose of offering such academic instruction that will prepare the student to effectively take his place in the business and social world, well rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

SWCC History

In the Fall of 1948, with some forty-five students attending, a small beginning was made in Fort Worth, Texas, under the name of Southern Bible Institute.

The Board intended to buy property in Fort Worth to erect a permanent school plant, but in the summer of 1949, an opportunity was afforded to purchase the school property formerly owned by the Texas Military College in Terrell. When the military school closed and the property was offered for sale, the Trustees purchased it. At this time the name was changed to Southwestern Christian College.

On the campus stands the first dwelling erected in Terrell. This home, built by a man named Terrell, was constructed in an octagonal shape to give better protection against Indians. Today it remains as one of the twenty surviving Round Houses in the entire nation--listed by the Dallas Centennial as a place to visit.

Even when it was built, the house was the object of interest as it contained the first glass windows in Kaufman County. The doors, however, were typical of the pioneer houses in that they were put together with wooden pegs. The original doors have long since been removed, and other rooms have been added at the back of the house, but the original logs used as supports in the house are still supporting the building. The local chapter of the Historical Society has placed a historical marker at the Round House site.

The administration building was built and used as a school fifty years ago. Mr. W.B. Toone, whose wife was born in the Round House to Mr. and Mrs. Terrell, operated a co-educational school from 1896 to 1904. He sold it to the Methodists who returned the property to Mr. Toone about 1908. It was then sold to Colonel Perry who operated it as a private military school.

After Colonel Perry's death, the school was continued by his wife, daughter, and son-in-law, and later by the people of Terrell.

The Trustees of SwCC bought the property from the Perry estate in 1949 and began operation the following Fall.

School Song

When I grow too old to dream, Southwestern I will remember.

The joyful thoughts of friends supreme will linger here in my heart.

Though friends fade from view, to you I'll be true.

And through the years that come and go I'll sing of you in my heart.

Though friends fade from view, to you I'll be true.

And Through the years that come and go, I'll sing of you in my heart.

In 1952 Louise Harris went to her music professor, Pauline Owens, stating that Southwestern had no school song. Ms. Harris requested permission to compose a song for SWCC. With the assistance of her music professor, the SWCC school song was created. Through the years her song was revised, the original words to the tune of "When I Grow Too Old To Dream" is available on her website @ http://www.geocities.com/annrogers0906 .